Love Is A Funny Thing



Natasha’s been keeping an eye on Rikki since she turned up, now she finally confronts her. 

And she gets her, because she’s alone and looking for the life she used to have. But Natasha knows that that’s impossible- Rikki can’t go home. She needs to make her own life, just like Nat did when she defected, and taunting her with a Cap that isn’t hers won’t make anything better. But it’s important to her, and Natasha remembers that . 

And she gets Bucky (James) too, and she knows that she can’t let some kid in his old costume go running up to him because for him that suit doesn’t mean anything good anymore. 

So she deals with them both- she tells James about Rikki herself, in a way he can cope with. And Rikki gets a makeover: 




Loki’s walk is crotch-centric. Any surprise that whenever he moves it’s straight out porn?

And even when he isn’t moving. That thigh…

For it is plan as anyone can see: we’re simply meant to be.
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Age of Ultron Footage (audio only)

I do not take credit for this video for it is not mine and I thank the person who posted it. Although it’s not all of it, it’s still pretty awesome c:

Even hearing it, hearing the crowd, it’s so intense! And kinda heartbreaking knowing the description of the trailer.

Best of Chris Evans at San Diego Comic Con 2014

9-10/100 pictures of Christopher Robert Evans


When he has everything working together, he really is just luminous, isn’t he?

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Why is no one talking about this?!

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How Do You Love Someone?
Ashley Tisdale

I’ve walked alone, hoping. Just barely coping. Getting it on, getting it wrong.

Chris Evans at the Marvel Studios Panel - July 26th, 2014 x